Elias Wessel and Pinn Su 
The Pigs (A Self-Portrait), 2012  
Color Photograph  
Various Dimensions
Elias Wessel 
Forever Yours, 2011 
Color Photograph, Video 
232 × 183 cm, Video on 32" Screen
Elias Wessel 
Storyteller, 2013  
Color Photograph  
Various Dimensions
Lydia Hearst Series
Myf Sheperd Series
Pirate Punk Series
Elias Wessel – Natalie Kies Storyteller – Web Crop
ReLOVEution Series
The Plaza Series – Rachel, 2009
Slide Series
Agnes Buzala
Tush Series
The Perfume Series
Betsey Johnson Series – Tickled Pink
Betsey Johnson, 2008
The Loverboy Series
The Love Zone
Omahyra Mota Series
MNDR – Fade To Black
Iekeliene Stange Series
Falling Up Series – Falling Up
Alexandra Richards Series
Manhattan Camerata – Lucia Caruso, Piano
Columbia University – Abstract