“The Sum of my Data / History of Touches” consists out of three sequenced series with a total of fifty-two images. These “telephone images” show fingerprints, streaks and vanishing traces generated by the use of electronic devices using a touch screen. The rather documenting photographs of the thirty-part “Off Series” are based on an almost self generating process: the use of the digital device. The continuous use and within constant overlay of analog traces cause each other and result in digitally collected information as well as the final analog image. The interest in the visualization of this process as well as the play with randomly developing structures leads to the two eleven-part “On- and B/W Series”. The images contained therein are the digitized photographs of the “Off Series” shown again on the respective devices, covered with further streaks and traces, repeatedly displayed and photographed using various colored light sources and techniques of the medium such as under- or overexposure, blurriness or B/W photography.