Project MOJU is a cooperation between Elias Wessel (New York) and Pinn Su (Taipei). The two artists met in New York back in 2005. Since then both are interested in the creation of a common project to find a visual language and aesthetic which sensibly reflects their different cultural backgrounds and the different media Illustration (Pinn Su) and Photography (Elias Wessel). Within years the concept of Project MOJU developed and has been realized between 2011-2013 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Not the usual saying “Seeing is believing” but its converse “Believing is seeing” is the hypothesis of this body of work. Thereby the viewer himself becomes a basing point. Character MOJU, as a fictional figure integrated in different ways in each image of the series, represents this hypothesis. MOJU symbolizes the pure, innocent soul of a child, the source of any creativeness. Its role as a projection area for each viewer leads to the reflection and dispute with oneself. The mix of styles as an aesthetic instrument is affected by the different culturation of both artists as well as their different media Photography and Illustration.

It is consciously used to expand the possibilities of interpretation of the images. It is not about to present a finished idea with an image. It is about the idea which forms in the mind of the viewer. Wessel’s and Su’s created “cross-culture-style” enables new, intercultural perspectives on the images. Cultural symbols in a different cultural context getting bereaved of their symbolic meaning and get loaded in the intersection of construction and de-construction with new, different (transcultural?) meaning. The artworks contain an aesthetic, which offers the viewer an unusual access to the photographs. The viewer is subject and object at the same time. This “aesthetic of interdependency” is the outstanding which distinguishes this project.