“There Must Be More To Life” looks with an ironic and critical eye at our permanent struggle with expectations and search for acceptance, both our own and society’s.

At the wish to become insiders that turns us into strangers.
At the existential and social need to pretend… and the distorted and surreal stories that result from the tension between dissatisfaction and contempt.
At the gradual realization, or sudden intuition, that ambition and frustration are two sides of the same coin.
That life often feels as a substitute for life.

That love is just desire and dreams imagination.
That childhood innocence and fantasies have gone sour
That self-discovery is nothing but self-(re)invention.
That there must be more to life…

Accompanying videos enter into a playful dialogue with each of the five scenes, adding a sarcastic note, a touch of humor, a fresh regard, a question mark. Video links:

No Kidding  |  Man’s Search For Meaning  |  No Milk Today |  Forever Yours

(Installation View)