Masse und Macht (Crowds and Power), 2013 – 2014

The scope of design to stage an image includes the following components of a photographic process: the subject, the object, the device, the light and the resulting image as well as its context. In “Masse and Macht (Crowds and Power)” an additional staging strategy is inherent: the staging of the idea. The images belong to the tradition of photographic art as a transfer medium of cultural and social discourses. On the other hand they seem more representational, objective and thereby more explainable. Close up- and long distance effect, figurative-concreteness and abstract color- and composition structures, childhood memories: It is the interplay between a non-objective aesthetic and an objective symbolism, of emotional and cognitive representation, which characterizes these concrete-abstractionistic images. An approach to painting, however by the use of photographic means. The strengths of photography – the sharpness and unparalleled ability of realistic reproduction – and the weakness of the human eye are being used to transfer the images onto a level of “painting”.

(Installation View)